This Flight Tonight & Solo Projects

Songwriter / Vox / Guitars / Bass / Engineer:
Ralph Warren Engle
Co-Lyrics for 'Love Unwritten': Daniel Hawkes
Except Additional Lead Guitar: Graham Bell on Bender & Lies, Love Unwritten and Know This Feeling.
Lead Guitar on Lullabies: Daniel Hewson (fun fact, son of Hewson from Dragon's 'April Sun in Cuba'.)
Drummer: Angus Grainger (all songs)
Artwork: Jan Brokoola
Investors: Ralphe, mdwh, and Bandcamp supporters.

All songs written by Ralph Warren Engle. Except:
Track 2: Greg Pienaar & Ralph Engle
Tracks 5, 7: Chris Peter Grant & Ralph Engle.
Lead vocals by Ralph Engle
Tracks 1, 3: Guitar/Bass - Tom Fox
Keys - Marshall Smith / Drums - Rob Franks
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Guitar/Bass: Greg Pienaar, Extra Guitar: James Milton, Drums: Simon De Vere
Producer/Engineer - David Edtmaier
Mastered by Kenny MacDonald + Erick Labson (Universal USA). Artwork by: Dylan Martin.
Investors: Rita, Ray, Mdwh, Martijn Albering, Ralphe, Greg, James, Simon, Sellaband believers.

All songs written by, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Keys by Ralph Warren Engle
Tracks 1, 2 & 3: Lead Guitar - David Haslett / Drums: Marcelo Gonzalez
Tracks 4, 5 & 6: Lead Guitar - Andy Hanson / Drums: Mark Tomlinson
Bass Guitar Duties for each track:
Track 1, 2, 4 & 5: Ralph Engle, Track 6: Daniel Hawkes, Track 3: James McDonald
Engineer for tracks 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Ralph Engle
Engineer for tracks 4, 5 & 6 - Ran Steiner (Offtape UK)
Drums Tracking Engineer for tracks 1 & 3: Daniel Jung
Mastering Engineer: Sherman de Vries
Investors: Ralphe, Mdwh, Min Chen & Indiegogo fans.
Artwork: photograph of Ralphe by CRavlich, photoshop by Marcelo Gonzalez.

All instruments and songs written, production, performance by Ralph Warren Engle.
Album Photography: Ralph Engle.
Investors: Ralphe, mdwh, and Bandcamp supporters.

All songs written by - Ralph Warren Engle
All tracks arranged with
Lead Guitar - Andy Hanson
Bass - Daniel Hawkes
Drums - Mark Tomlinson
Engineer - Ran Steiner (Offtape UK)
Mastering - Erick Labson (Universal USA).
Guest Musicians: Piano on 'Daylight' - Matthew Redmond /
Extra Guitars on 'Lately' - Lorenzo Sillitto
(The Temper Trap). Effects on 'Lately' - David Edtmaier.
Artwork by: Alerrandre
Investors: Ralphe, Dan, Andy, Mark, Mdwh, Enodog, Kiki,
Aethena, Freger65 & Sellaband believers.

All songs written, produced and performed
by Ralph Warren Engle. Except:
Inception Love Song co-written with Stephen Albright.
Hold On music co-written with Greg Pienaar (chord progression).
Hopeless Eloping guest guitarist Chris Peter Grant.
Sense Defeat guest guitarist and arranger Shannon Coulomb.
Production & Mastering by Ralph Engle.
Artwork photography by Redmond.
Investors: Ralphe, mdwh, and Bandcamp supporters.

Electronica Side Project

Contains 2 public songs to listen to. Click the 'buy' button and unlock 2 more hidden songs.

Contains 5 public songs to listen to. Click the 'buy' button and unlock 10 more hidden songs.

Click 'buy' to unlock all samples, from loops, single hits, and the signature Robotic leads of 'Electro Boogie'.

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