Studio reopens 2020

Ralphe's new music studio space is being set-up and reopens some time early 2020.
Hourly rate for studio is $50/hour (inc gst). Also ask us about our day rates (bulk hour rates), per song rates, project rates etc. Space is for recording only (no rehearsal rooms).
For booking enquiries please use our contact page,.

Ten Things You Should Do Before Recording:                 

1. Set a goal for your session 

How many tracks are you recording? What are they for? How will this session move your career forward?

2. Finish your writing before you get there 

There's nothing worse than turning up for a studio session with a half-written song. Writing in the studio is an expensive way of achieving very little, so finish everything before you arrive.

3. Check your equipment works 

Hiring in a replacement amp is very expensive - you could avoid the problem by having your gear serviced, or at least checked over, before you arrive.

4. Have a working backup of your files 

In fact, you should have three backups of your work: one with you on USB-thumbdrive, should your computer fail; one at home, in case you've misplaced files on the way to the studio; and one stored on the internet, in case of disaster. This might seem a little paranoid, but how much longer will it take to recreate the work than it will to back-up? 

5. Bounce down (uncompressed WAV file - individual stems recommended)

Do not assume that the studio will have the plugins that you use at home. Bounce to audio all tracks that depend on software instruments or effects. This will guarantee compatibility between your working setup and the setup at our studio.

6. Get some food to take with you 

You need fuel when you're working hard. Assume there'll be nowhere to eat near the studio and be pleasantly surprised when there is. 

7. Rehearse 

You've written your songs, but have you rehearsed them? More importantly, have you rehearsed your songs to the point where everyone is playing to the best of their abilities?

8. Research the studio 

We are bookings by appointment only to a private space few minutes from Sylvia Park
(Mt Wellington Auckland).
The Workstation we use is Cubase 9. We have top of the line microphones, rackgear, etc.
A 50% deposit is required upfront via bank transfer to confirm your booking and before we disclose our exact location. This deposit is non-returnable.
We reserve the right to pre-qualify / pre-screen the clients we work with.

9. Mix on another day 

Don't arrange to mix on the same day as you record ("Tracking Audio Day One" is different day to "Mixing Day Two").
Your ears will be too tired to have a clear perspective on what you've recorded. Set aside a separate day to mix if you can afford to. 

10. Aim for excellence 

These tracks are the ones that you want to release to the wider world, so you owe it to yourself to make them as good as they can be. The bottom line: prepare well and work hard!

'If you fail to prepare, you're preparing to fail.'  - original article source by: Steve Hillier