now taking bookings 2020

Ralphe's new in-home Auckland music studio is reopening now in 2020.
We are now seeking for talent and looking to help other creatives in the area.

  • Hourly rate for studio is $50/hour (inc gst), minimum 2 hour booking.
  • Also ask us about: our day rates (bulk hour rates),
  • per song rates,
  • project rates etc.
  • If you are an APRA registered songwriter, ask about our royalty-share offer to reduce your upfront recording costs, we may only offer this though for select talent.

As well as a comfortable recording space with professional audio equipment, we can:

✓ Help coach and mentor talent to prepare themselves for the music industry.
✓ Guide on how to distribute your music.
✓ Help connect you with local contacts for further learning.
✓ Understanding of labels, contracts, artist development, tips before debut.
✓ Budgeting.
✓ Recruiting additional session musicians (we have some friends to help).
✓ Creating videos to support your music, and other questions in between.

Equipment-wise we have:

✓ Microphones from Neumann to AKG.
✓ Preamps from Avalon to Universal Audio.
✓ Korg to Roland synths.
✓ Selection of guitars, and Fender to Blackstar amps.
✓ An in-house Ludwig drumkit.
✓ And a few other goodies to keep you in play and creative. 

Experience-wise we have worked on releases that eventually got NZ-On Air funding, and indie material of all genres.

Our space has been used as:
✓ A cost-effective place to draft demos.
✓ A bouncing board for ideas.
✓ Adding additional layers then later taking them to a bigger studio.
✓ Everything in-house from tracking, mixing and mastering. 

Additional info:
✓ Space is for recording only (no rehearsal rooms).
✓ Studio has wheelchair access and ramps surrounding the property.
✓ Plenty of on-site parking (off road).
✓ Sylvia Park only minutes away (and other nearby options for food, though packing a lunch-bag is recommended for long day sessions).

For booking enquiries please use our contact page,.

Ten Things You Should Do Before Recording:                 

1. Set a goal for your session, how many tracks are you looking to achieve?

2. Finish your writing before arriving, I say 90% prewritten, and 10% improv when in studio!

3. Check your equipment works. 

4. Have a working backup of your files. 

5. Bounce down stems (uncompressed WAV file - individual stems recommended).

6. Get some food to take with you. 

7. Rehearse prior to recording to the best of your abilities. This is called 'pre-production'.

8. Pay a deposit, half now, and other half to receive your master recordings.

9. Mix on another day. 

10. Aim for excellence.

'If you fail to prepare, you're preparing to fail.'  


Die Gruwel (Punk Rock) - engineer on demo/pre-production recordings for: Haddonfield, Curse of Crystal Lake, Creep in a Jeep, Black Zodiac, Helen I Came From You, The Saw is Family.

Josh Leys (Pop) - guest musician on master recordings for: Stuck in the Middle, If You Want Me, Waiting For You.